Frazzled mom

Are you a frazzled Mom? How can I be the perfect wife? I know feel like I am chasing my tail on the other 101 things that has to be done as a Wife, Mom, Employee, Taxi, Grocery shopping, Cook, Maid, Web building…and the list goes on. There honestly is not enough hours in a day. I know I have heard get up an hour earlier or stay up after the kids are in bed but when is there time for ME? I feel like I fail miserably sometimes and can’t catch up. The first key to being a better wife is to MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. You are no good to others when you are stressed out. Sometimes I just have go out to the lake to get away from it all. Water just seems to give ME some peace….a ocean, lake, creek, pond, or even a pool. Find your special place and turn your phone off for 30 minutes and refresh your spirit.


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