127 hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Living life to the fullest. This movie was a eye opener on not complaining about anything. Shouldn’t I be happy my husband did the dishes or should I complain because he did not put them back in their proper place? Shouldn’t I be happy he washed the clothes or should I complain because he didn’t fold the towels right? I should be appreciative for all the little things he does at least he is trying to help me out. I don’t ever want to come across as the nagging wife.

In the movie 127 hours  it had a few parts with women in it that I didn’t approve of for my son’s in my home so we just fast forwarded those parts. But seeing how easy you can get yourself in a trap, not being prepared and the danger of not telling someone where you were going put this young man in a bad situation. There was a gruesome part where he had to make a choice he was in Between a Rock and a hard place he could either die or cut off his arm I had to close my eyes :/ not sure if I could have done it but now what ever situation I am in I think of his situation and realize for me that it could be worse.


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