Lose Weight in 3 Days??

Time for those summer clothes that don’t hide the slightly bulging belly so I started researching and found this web site and gonna try it out…….my only problem is I never drink water and it tells me to drink MORE water 😦 so I guess that means back off my favorite sonic drinks (yummy coke). I found a Contigo water bottle 24 oz last week and tried to start drinking water yesterday…with lemon added of course 🙂 I have always heard drink half of your body weight in water example I weigh 135 lbs so I gotta drink 67.5 oz of water a day so I figure I will try to get down 3 bottles a day which means I will get 72 oz in my system. My daughter in the last 3 years has lost almost 100 lbs by healthy eating and strictly water she says before long all I will want is water so I am gonna try. I have a couples banquet on Saturday and i gotta work on the 3 day belly fat diet lol…cause my dress reveals too much belly. Wish me luck.


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