The end of Vanderbilt hospital…..

The end of Vanderbilt hospital for us…..As I think back to our dark days of seeing 3 of our 4 children in the Vanderbilt hospital bed I realize how very thankful we are that they are all back to school and work as if nothing ever happened on that rainy afternoon of August 2010. Three and a half months ago Vanderbilt contacted us and wanted to do a test to see if they qualified to do a 12 week research on 2 of our children that were hurt the worst. Our 16 year old son did not qualify as they couldn’t see any problems with him – Praise God 100% fine. Our 22 year old daughter who was driving the car says she only has a few problems with memory, focusing and concentration not enough that we even noticed. Even with these problems she feels she has – she has gone on to become manager at a local restaurant – as for her family we literally CANNOT tell a difference in  her memory, focusing or concentration.  However today was her last day of the 12 week process and we are glad to be done traveling to Vanderbilt Hospital…Thankful for ALL the work they did on our children and so Thankful for ALL the prayers that went across the country for our 4 children we serve a LIVING GOD.



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