Be Positive

Focus on the positive. To be a better wife, stop focusing so much on the negative and the things he doesn’t do, or that he does wrong (more on that in a minute). Put energy into expressing your positive feelings about him, not griping about his faults

The world is not black and white. There are as many ways to do things as there are people, and just because you’d prefer he does it your way doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Let him do it his way, or if you must say something, show your appreciation for his skills, and then give a positive suggestion. Don’t start by pointing out what you would have done differently.

We can’t read minds. At least I can’t, not yet. So if there’s something bugging you, tell your husband about it. Don’t let it sit and fester inside you and then complain that he just doesn’t get it. And don’t just talk around the subject – be clear and to the point, not hinting at what you really want to say.


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