Looking for Agents RIGHT NOW…

  1. Do you get a $500 check if you go to the emergency as a result of a covered accident?
  2. Are you offered a Daily Hospital Benefit of up to $54,000?
  3. Do you get an extra $300-$500 a week with your MEMBERSHIP REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM?
  4. Are you paid  if you are injured at home, work, or play, simply because you signed up with them?
  5. In addition to that do you get – Towing, Battery Boost, Fuel delivery, tire exchange, lock service, and wrecker towing service, travel assistance reimbursement, free trip planning and travel reservations, bail bonds, stolen vehicle reward, discounts on vision, dental, prescriptions, accidental death benefit and the list goes on


NEED A JOB? NEED MONEY FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Emergency Hospital Plan Care + earn $80 for every $20 paid  +$54,000 Hospital Benefits…No One Turned Down! Looking for Agents RIGHT NOW…Watch EXCITING short movie NOW!  HUGE WEEKLY PAYCHECKS WITH NO EXPERIENCE! No Selling = No MLM – No Calling


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