About Me

I have been happily married to my one and only husband – 25 years as of March 14, 2012 (almost there) but a friend of mine loaned me a book about a month ago that really gave me some insight on how my marriage could be even better….my goal is to share with you my discoveries.

I know that some may have already been through a bad marriage or even two but there is true love out there.

It’s not my desire to be well known or to be at the top of the google list but it is in hopes of helping someone save their own marriage or just some words of encouragement.

I welcome all comments but want this to be a family blog so be nice 🙂



  1. Happy anniversary, a few days late! And what an anniversary to celebrate! Not many people make that mark anymore. My father-in-law, a retired minister, is preparing his doctoral thesis for marriage and family counseling about how communication should be a tremendous source for improving marriages. It seems to simple – yet there is so much to it! Best of luck in your writing endeavors, and way to go, paving the way for a truly happy and long-lasting marriage.

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