Coupon Savvy

In the beginning stages of learning to use coupons to HELP my husband and my family by saving money. Found this on-line course



  1. I am having the hardest time trying to get started on MY coupon binder. 1st of all there is NO baseball card sleeves at the wal-mart’s here so I had to go to e-bay and order – still waiting on them to arrive. 2nd I am having trouble getting my printer to print off on-line coupons…..uuugg it should not be this I am not giving up though 🙂 On Tuesday a friend of mine showed me her receipt where it showed she spent $11 and saved $232 that’s awesome and that’s what I wanta brag about.

  2. Week 2 and I am still in the process of getting it together…I cannot brag about my savings as of yet lol.

  3. week 2 of coupons….my only brag I can do is – I found 2 packs of baseball card sheets still in the package – unopened – 10 sheets for .99 cents at the goodwill in South Carolina I was excited 🙂

  4. not doing very well at all on my coupons 😦 my excuse is my printer won’t work

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