Louisiana….next road trip


Best Known For Culinary, Entertainment, History, Nightlife
Best time of year: All
Overview: Romanticized in literature and song by everyone from author William Faulkner to songstress Lucinda Williams, the state of Louisiana does indeed have its share of sultry romance that’s about as irresistible as impulsively hopping on a streetcar named Desire (which, sadly, doesn’t exist anymore—but the St. Charles line provides just as pleasant a ride through the city of New Orleans).
Gotta work double shift tomorrow and on Tuesday since we are heading out Wednesday 5pm to 2012 Spring Youth Camp driving a 15 passenger van of the youth for the Easter meetings in the great state of Louisiana so I will be BUSY and won’t be back blogging till next Monday. Hope everyone has a great week and awesome Easter weekend. bye for now.


The end of Vanderbilt hospital…..

The end of Vanderbilt hospital for us…..As I think back to our dark days of seeing 3 of our 4 children in the Vanderbilt hospital bed I realize how very thankful we are that they are all back to school and work as if nothing ever happened on that rainy afternoon of August 2010. Three and a half months ago Vanderbilt contacted us and wanted to do a test to see if they qualified to do a 12 week research on 2 of our children that were hurt the worst. Our 16 year old son did not qualify as they couldn’t see any problems with him – Praise God 100% fine. Our 22 year old daughter who was driving the car says she only has a few problems with memory, focusing and concentration not enough that we even noticed. Even with these problems she feels she has – she has gone on to become manager at a local restaurant – as for her family we literally CANNOT tell a difference in  her memory, focusing or concentration.  However today was her last day of the 12 week process and we are glad to be done traveling to Vanderbilt Hospital…Thankful for ALL the work they did on our children and so Thankful for ALL the prayers that went across the country for our 4 children we serve a LIVING GOD.



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Lose Weight in 3 Days??

Time for those summer clothes that don’t hide the slightly bulging belly so I started researching and found this web site and gonna try it out…….my only problem is I never drink water and it tells me to drink MORE water 😦 so I guess that means back off my favorite sonic drinks (yummy coke). I found a Contigo water bottle 24 oz last week and tried to start drinking water yesterday…with lemon added of course 🙂 I have always heard drink half of your body weight in water example I weigh 135 lbs so I gotta drink 67.5 oz of water a day so I figure I will try to get down 3 bottles a day which means I will get 72 oz in my system. My daughter in the last 3 years has lost almost 100 lbs by healthy eating and strictly water she says before long all I will want is water so I am gonna try. I have a couples banquet on Saturday and i gotta work on the 3 day belly fat diet lol…cause my dress reveals too much belly. Wish me luck.

Night Auditor – Financial Audit – Desk Clerk

Had a job offer yesterday to be a night auditor at the local motel. I know years ago (at 15 years old) I thought it would be cool to work as a desk clerk at the motel but after google-ing Night Auditor/Financial Audit/Desk Clerk I am a little nervous now….not sure if I am smart enough for the job.  Any advice from anyone?